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The Piper Sandler investment banking analyst and associate program is not just a training ground but the start of your career path. We provide our junior bankers with direct exposure to clients and hands-on training from day one. Each analyst and associate is treated as a full member of the deal team as they are directly involved in all decision-making processes and guaranteed face-time with clients alongside our senior bankers.

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Thompson, Maze

“Analysts are given great exposure both from a client and senior banker perspective from a very early time in the analyst program. An example of this is my second week on the job I was able to host and help facilitate the road show process for a north of $1B biopharmaceutical client. I was in meetings with the CEO and other management members helping facilitate a successful equity raise for the client.

On my second month on the job, we had a sell-side healthcare services M&A transaction going through diligence. The CEO specifically asked to meet me and thank me for all my hard work on the transaction over the past couple months. It is my understanding that this sort of experience does not happen at bulge bracket investment banks.”




There is no typical day in investment banking, which is what makes it an exciting career. A high energy level and a positive attitude will go a long way. Be ready to think quickly on your feet or travel at a moment’s notice.

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Providing the right tools to get the job done.

Piper Sandler equips analysts with resources that enhance their professional development while augmenting their efficiency in the work they do. Learn more about the resources available to you here.

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Growing together, away from your desk.

Learn about the various employee resource groups, events and policies in place that encourage you to connect with your colleagues across the firm and further your personal and professional growth here.

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Life after an analyst, What’s next?

Exit opportunities are important. Learn how Piper Sandler sets you up for success following the analyst program and the various ways we try to stay in touch here.


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